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Executive Education

Executive Education and CABA have been synonymous for a couple of years now. Our Executive Programs change continuously in response to business demands, technology events and new research and discoveries. Executives who attend our programs return with an increased ability to flourish in the competitive corporate world.

Multimedia Animation Graphic Education CABA: NUMBER ONE IN EXECUTIVE EDUCATION
CABA provides a stimulating environment for active learning, reflection and integration of new knowledge. Years of experience in multimedia, animation, vfx and web design education are reflected in all aspects of the program conducted by it through the faculty, content, facilities and selected participants.

Ranging from four weeks to sixty weeks in length, our programs are specifically designed to better prepare executives to work within increasingly interdependent organisations and situations. . .

All topics in the Executive Programs are examined from a Senior Executive’s vantage point recognising differences arising from product or service, market, industry and environment. Four broad yet interdisciplinary areas which form the curriculum’s core are:

  • Formulation
  • Skills and Techniques
  • Development and Implementation
  • Changing Technology Environment

Throughout the program emphasis is placed on planning, managing and examining constraints and parameters. Participants examine issues, problems and opportunities from a multi-dimensional perspective. Lectures, case analysis, class-discussions, small groups and individual presentations, role playing and computer simulations are used to actively involve each participant in the learning and decision making process by integrating latest concepts and analytical skills.