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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who should do this course ?

Today with the emerging markets there is also high demand for publicity to any sector. Publicity in terms of Advertisements on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Posters flyers or even internet. Every trade / industry demands presence in market. Therefore every industry needs to go through different media channels as a source of information of its products. The media industry requires people with creativity and not just technical talent. People with creative thoughts should pursue this course to learn technical aspects of converting their creativity to live presentations.

What is the minimum qualification required for these courses ?

Though this course is purely technical. It is always better to start the course afresh. Module I from our semesters covers the basics of computers and then proceed to multimedia systems and necessities. This course is totally non-dependent to any technical or artistic field. However people with artistic backgrounds and technical know how are always in advantage to pursue the course in a faster pace. Even if you don’t have any such background, you can still pursue the course without any hesitation. The minimum qualification required for this course is a Creative Mindset. Rest of the caliber is educated by Caba’s training team of professionals to launch your career professionally at the completion of the course.

What are the duration of the courses?

Caba Innovatives conduct more than one course at the learning center. Usually we advise a complete program for 18 Months (Masters Diploma) to begin afresh and complete the entire IX semesters to have complete know how of Multimedia. this covers semesters starting from graphics to Desk top publishing, Sound and Video Editing, Post-production and special effects, Web Development, Web Designing and Live Projects. This Program is one of the most successful programs run by Caba Innovatives today, where Caba has proved a 100% Placement facility to all its students since 1993. 

There are also short-term courses for those who have attained some other course or prior training in the similar field and want to extend their professional expertise in other advanced areas of multimedia. 

Short-term courses are also designed for those, looking to master specific field in multimedia. for eg Desk-Top-Publishing, Animation and Video Post Production Specialist, Web Design and Web Development Specialist and so on.

Is It possible to customise a course ?

Though we do not recommend customization of individual packages. We provide training in specialized format as per the industry standards. Each course is designed specifically to cater to the industry in specific areas of multimedia. For those willing to upgrade their skills to specific packages after a prior education in the same field, we do conduct a small test to provide the required update with specific packages as and when required.

Will the course be obsolete by the time I finish the course ?

Caba does not just give you training on softwares, the whole idea and purpose is to be able to do projects. 

Projects are always ongoing. Each course is designed with structure to carry previous modules in every project. 

Diploma courses are designed with modules that inter-relate each other. One without the other is incomplete. 

Is the Diploma Validated or Accredited by Any Authority?

Caba Innovatives today has pioneered and leaded the field of Multimedia. Most of the major MNC’s and Media houses have acclaimed Caba Innovatives of professional standards in training. Not only Private sector but also the government sector has hired our students as employees and provided us with great feedbacks.

 Today Caba Innovatives certification is well certified as a best training institute by many magazines, newspapers and TV channels. Most of the students working in Corporate Houses, Media Houses and Broadcast Channels have proved our capability and standards of education to be one of the best.

Caba Innovatives is also registered under Film and Institute Delhi Govt. 

Does Caba provide any practical classes ? What If I want to practice more ?

Caba Innovatives is a professional training ground for those willing to form their careers in the field professionally. We do not conduct separate theory classes. All our training programs are practical. Which means one person provided with individual training system with a individual instructor. A First class treatment is provided to all our Cabians / Students. We do not recommend group or theory classes. Every individual student is a our major priority. His / her career stands to be of utter importance to us. Every candidate has a creative aspect to be evolved and each candidate is therefore individually trained.

When do batches for the courses start ?

As said earlier we do not encourage any group training. You can join any time you wish. The seats are limited to each time slot of 2 Hrs from Monday to Friday. Therefore you must enquire the availability of the time slot you wish to join before the start of the course. It is best to join.