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Why you should Step into the Rocking Arena of Multimedia Animation

If a traditional picture is worth a thousand words, a digital picture is certainly worth a million. The explosive growth in technology which we have all witnessed in a digitally defined culture has indeed added a fourth dimension to the concept of an image.

Business, industry and commerce have all come to recognise the power of the image to persuade, to shape opinion and to promote a product or a service. Hence the need and justification for you to consider this incredible arena of multimedia, digital art, desktop publishing, visual effects and creative design as possible career avenues.

Here are five real good reasons why you should look closely at this stream of academic study in order to achieve guaranteed placement once you complete your qualification in multimedia and graphics.

Prerequisites for a Career in Multimedia Animation

If you want to step into the highly rewarding multimedia arena of graphics, animation, and web designing, if you want to become a graphic artist, an animatior or a gaming technology veteran, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you make the plunge

Things to consider:
  • You should possess a creative streak and a passion for visual stimulus
  • You should like to doodle and do so for long hours
  • Finally, you should not have a distracting disposition and should be able to preserve your focus while being creatively constructive
  • Huge Potential in the Arena of Multimedia
Potential of Multimedia & Animation

We can serve up page after page of statistics to demonstrate the potential of multimedia from a research perspective specially since so many young students are stepping into this arena every day but we won’t do that because we know you are already considering this cutting-edge career option seriously.

Simply take our word for it and allow us to present a logical case for the multimedia animation niche:

  • The landmark transition from the DOS operating system to the Windows operating system in the early nineties heralded the dawn of a new age in multimedia since the Windows interface called Graphic User Interface (GUI) is based purely on visual elements.
  • Similarly, the arrival and tumultuous growth of television and cable has sparked more demand for talented graphic professionals in the arena of electronic multimedia and broadcasting
  • If computers and television had arrived, how could print be far behind? Books, magazines, periodicals, journals, newspapers and most importantly, the world of print advertising relies heavily on multimedia not only to define the medium but also to deliver the message.
  • There is a little child in each one of us and as long as there are children to carry the torch generation after generation, there will always be a demand for talented animators, game design professionals and cartoonists.
  • The Internet is without doubt the single most happening place for design professionals and try to imagine the Internet without any multimedia.

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