Combustion Course

These videos are not created by Caba Innovatives but from Artists around the world.
This is a mare presentation of the possibilities in the subject

Combustion is all-in-one composting tool provides digital artists and film makers with industry leading tools for creating impressive composting and special effects.

Need realistic fire? Smoke trails? How about some magic Pixie Dust, a slick Transporter effect for your sci-fi epic, or the kind of shimmer that just can’t be made with the limited particle plug-ins in most animation software? Here’s the coolest, most realistic-looking particle system anywhere, and with the extensive customization options for tailoring the look and behavior of the particles, you’ll be making magic in moments.

Instead of spending a pile of cash on a separate morphing program, you simply use the newly integrated, industrial—strength Morph and Warp capabilities of the amazing bundled RE:Vision Effects™ RE:Flex plug-ins, which deliver smooth, convincing morphing and image distortions with a few clicks of your mouse. Using the excellent spline editing tools in combustion to control the exact look and dynamics of the process, anything from full cinematic morphing to highly controlled image distortions allow you to fix problematic elements and fully control the shape of any object in a scene. Try doing that in the real world!