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PG Diploma in Multimedia Animation Course

Multimedia Animation & VFX Course

Caba Innovatives is one of India’s first Multimedia Design Institute in Delhi since 1993. Caba Offers focused with in-depth professional training and live projects. 

Professional Diploma in Multimedia Animation & VFX Course is one of the top most in-demand courses with a duration of 12 months.

The course is designed to prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialisation of digital graphics, video editing, video special effects, 2D animation, 3D Animation, special effects films, commercial ads

100% Job Guarantee

Caba Innovatives provides you a written job Guarantee on Professional Diploma in Multimedia Animation & VFX Course in Delhi NCR. 
At Caba, we believe that merely promising job verbally is no longer enough and unfair to students. There has to be a written guarantee between the student and the institute.

100% Job Guarantee Course

Placements :


CABA originally Computer Aided Business Animation, was named upon the logic of doing business with art & enhancing technology. 

Caba Innovatives was established in 1993 at New Delhi. Caba is Regd. under Film n Institute Delhi Govt. to provide training in the field of Multimedia. Caba has been the primary content provider to Govt. Institutions like IGNOU, AT&T, Universities and more. 

Multimedia Animation Course Details


Professional Diploma Multimedia Animation & VFX

Professional Diploma in Multimedia Animation and VFX Course is highly focused on in-depth professional training.

The qualification is designed to prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialisation of graphic design, video editing, video special effects, 2D animation, 3D animation

Caba not only specialises in education but also makes you ready for the industry specific needs.

The course modules include:

  • Basics of Multimedia Animation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Video Special Effects
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Comercial Ad Films
  • Final Multimedia
  • Animation Film Project

Why Caba ?

Pioneers in Multimedia

Caba Innovatives was the FIRST Multimedia Institute in India in 1993. Caba was also the first Digital Studio Post-Production House in 1993, web designing, 1997 web developing & hosting company in 2001 based in Bengali Market, C.P.

Industrial Training

Caba is the only Institute that provides practical hands on training on professional projects. Software training is only a part of the practical project based training.

One to One Training

Caba's unique teaching pedagogy has been a pioneer in the training industry. Our practical one-to-one training helps our candidates to attain professional caliber.

Course Eligibility

Although anyone can do this multimedia animation course. But Caba only has intake for those who have willingness to create their careers in this field. Anyone after 12th, Graduation or above.

Career Prospects

Caba Innovatives will offer you 100% Job Guarantee after this course in writing. Career in multimedia animation has been sky rocketing since last 26 years and will continue to do so.


Caba has been commended several times since 1997 by well known names in the industry like DD National, Zee Careers, PTV, Danik Bhaskar, Times Group, FICCI, ONGC

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Get free counselling by our experienced counsellors. We offer you free demo & trail classes for you to evaluate our training process. 

Course Contents


Semester 1: Basics of Multimedia & Computers
Our introductory course in computers and multimedia is designed to provide you with an overview of computer fundamentals. No prior knowledge of computer hardware and software is assumed. The course covers important computer operations such as starting and shutting down the system, launching, installing and uninstalling applications, system backup, multi-tasking and general system maintenance. You will also gain an in-depth understanding of the Windows XP operating system with specific reference to multimedia applications.
Semester 2: Graphic Designing & Imaging
The course offers comprehensive training in tool technologies that are critical to a successful career in multimedia. Knowledge of graphics and graphics tools will provide you with a plethora of creative possibilities to showcase your abilities and potential as a graphic artist.

Visual elements such as line art, photographs, drawings, graphs used in spreadsheets and images used in CD-ROMs/usb’s help students in visualizing and conceptualizing illustrated image projections on digital formats. The software packages you will learn during this semester will help you to develop a clear understanding of design concepts and application, texture, design and image editing.

Software packages you will learn include:
Corel Draw
Photo Shop
Scanning & Device Attachments

Objective of the course

In addition to tools training, the course provides a holistic introduction to graphics theory and applications to boost your independent creativity. Learn how to use line art and effects when crafting digital art. Graphics is the backbone to animation, web and video in addition to all multimedia disciplines. The course provides a blended approach to both theory and practice to prepare you for exciting careers in digital multimedia designing.
Semester 3: Desktop Designing & Publishing
Online communication is in. Offline communication, however, isn’t out yet and is here to stay. The course will teach you how to transform your design concepts into concrete results for the print media. Course focus also includes selecting and installing fonts, type faces, variant colours, layout settings, publishing conventions and practices. The course also provides instruction in creative logo designing as well as creative visualisation for artistic look-ups. It will also present an overview of computer printer hardware options and offset printing technologies.

Desktop publishing tool technologies you will grasp include:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign

Your final creative outputs will also include brochures, media kits, sales and marketing collateral, full length books and much more. In short, you will be all set to embark on the path to becoming a seasoned print industry professional.

Objective of the course

The primary focus of the course is to prepare you for careers in print media including the newspaper, magazine and book publishing industries. The international quality of training and instruction we deliver in this course also prepares you for career opportunities in the highly lucrative and well-paying book publishing BPO sector in India.
Semester 4: Digital Sound & Video Editing
Digital audio and special audio effects are truly inseparable from the wide gamut of multimedia animation. It is sound and fury that signifies everything in today’s digital age. Learn how to create, edit, manipulate and innovate with digital audio in our industry-focused course on digital audio by receiving qualifying instruction from veterans of the multimedia industry.

Tools training in this course involves the following software solutions:

Adobe Premiere
Sound Forge
After Effects

The course also serves as a launching pad in which the instruction and training you have received in semesters 3 and semester 4 in graphics and animation merge with digital audio production and editing to provide you with a well rounded skills set to independently apply your knowledge to live projects in real time. Learn how to title and sub-title video footage as well as how to create and trigger flame effects. We will also teach you how to eliminate rough shots and merge all the various elements and components of digital multimedia into a cohesive whole.

Objective of the course

The news channels are currently using these knowledge assets in a big way today thus adding to your marketability and career potential.

The course teaches you how to create a new dimension to reality through digital sound and special effects in which your imagination and creativity know no bounds. It prepares you for robust and lucrative careers in post production and sound editing with major industry segments such as broadcast television, ad film making, motion pictures, digital audio recording, audio publishing, media houses and many other related industries where demand for industry professionals is on the rise constantly.

Semester 5: Animation Course
Caba’s comprehensive course in 2D and 3D animation is designed not only to help you grasp the concepts behind animation but also build live applications using animation.
Cartoons and the animation technologies that create them have become industry standards for communication with both the young and the old.
Learn frame-by-frame animation using digital writing instruments.
3D animation training at Caba focuses on realistic animation and the depiction of virtual reality in three dimensions. You will also learn how to create and embed special effects and digitally replicate events in 3D.
Learn how to artistically and persuasively recreate experiential reality such as space travel, inter-stellar dynamics and super terrestrial action through 3D.
We also provide instruction in using the command line. Software tools and technologies you will learn include:

Adobe Flash with Cartooning
AutoDesk 3D Studio Max

Through live projects and assignments, you will also learn how to create:
2D Animation Concepts
2D Interactive Animation Animation for Gaming
3D Product Modeling
3D Architecture Modeling
3D human Modeling
3D Special Effects
3D Animation

The course teaches you how to create a new dimension to reality through digital sound and special effects in which your imagination and creativity know no bounds. It prepares you for robust and lucrative careers in post production and sound editing with major industry segments such as broadcast television, ad film making, motion pictures, digital audio recording, audio publishing, media houses and many other related industries where demand for industry professionals is on the rise constantly.
Semester 6: Project & Portfolio
Students enrolled in professional courses are typically evaluated during job interviews on the basis of their portfolio and project work. With a view to recognizing this key element in the pedagogical process, Caba has constituted a fully functional internship program in which students receive direct industry exposure by working as an intern. We help you organize both your online and offline live projects into an impressive portfolio. The end-semester project is your platform to showcase and even show off all the cutting-edge training you have received from Caba in a controlled and instructor-led environment.


Who Should do this course?

Anyone with Basic understanding of computers willing to get into the graphic design, graphic UI/UX designs, Print Media. Professionals with other computers background can evolve from their basics to graphic design as there is high demand and a strong, stable market for this profession.

What is the outcome of the course?

You will be employed with graphic design, animation companies, media post production houses, news channels, web design companies, print magazines, mobile application development companies and many industries due to the rising digital media popularity around the world.

Which course is best for graphic design?

Graphic Design covers many aspects of design and media industry. It is almost one field required by every type of industry to represent products, services via illustrations.

May it be online, print or mobile today, there is no industry that does not need Graphics. Therefore we recommend to tap all types of industries you should opt for our 6 Months Diploma to be an all-rounder in Graphics

What kind of education do you need to be a graphic designer?

Though even students who have passed their 10th standard can do this course. 

For students after 12th this can be one of the easiest course to attain jobs in 6 Months. 

For professionals looking to switch their field or enhance their skills in graphics, this course serves as best tool for illustration and presentation.

Is graphic design hard?

Graphic Design is the easiest course you can do. Even 10th grade students can do it easily. All you need is a creative bent of mind. At Caba what you learn is to create illustrations and designs as per graphic industry today. 

What you learn is to create commercial posters, banners, cartoon characters, mobile UI/UX,  examples. These are taught with the set of tools along with your projects.  It’s so easy that you may drawing a super man or spider man in a weeks time. 

Can I be a graphic designer if I can't draw?

Yes, you can be a expert designer if if you do not knowhow to draw. To be a successful graphic designer, all you need is a creative bent of mind. We at Caba believe that everyone is creative, its just how the the tools are taught to you. 

At Caba we try our best to focus on each candidate individually enhancing their creative skills and become industry experts.