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Born in 1993

Caba Innovatives

Pioneers Yesterday, Leaders Today


CABA originally Computer Aided Business Animation was named upon the logic of doing business with art and enhancing the latest technology to the maximum output.

Practice Makes Perfect

30 Years of Experience

Date of Birth.

Caba Innovatives was formed on 9th of July 1993 with the aim of providing specialised training in the field of Multimedia Animation, Corporate Graphics and Advertising.


CABA till date has educated more than eighteen thousands of individuals & corporate executives who have benefited from its professional training since 1993. 

Knowledge is everything

Our Company



The resources available at our command are immense and have brought tangible results for our patrons who are quite resourceful and diligent themselves at all levels from top to bottom.



Our venture can be termed as a focal point for disseminating information relating to Multimedia and ventures on promoting such industries.



CABA INNOVATIVES, an independent company in the field of Multimedia has been also providing professional services to corporates for many years.

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Caba has been recognized by various magazines (PC-Quest, PC-Home, DQ week, PC-World, Computers at home etc.) as one of the top institution in India for the above. 

Not only this but also feedback from the professional clientele in India and abroad have encouraged the promoters of this company to continue to provide the best services.