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What makes us

CABA INNOVATIVES has always been in the forefront of providing the best courses and with most reasonable pricing.
The pricing criteria is set to the facilities and quality of training provided to the students. 

This criterion includes various sections of Research and Development such as;

  • Market Study
  • No. of Hrs. to each the student
  • Individual attention
  • Assisting the student for a better jobs
  • Career Counseling to students not just course
  • In-Depth study of Current Job Trends
  • Professional projects training
  • Designing & carefully crafting course contents and fee structure
  • Keeping in pace or above the competition

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The most experienced and professional people in their respective fields take the research and development section. Seasoned marketing executives carry out detailed surveys, CA’s finalize the financial package according to the intricacies of the subject and analyzing the economic and market growth. The Research and Development puts in intensive efforts to design the course and its contents along with related technological inputs. And that is what Caba expertise with years of experience.

After achieving the final package efforts are made to market these courses through advertising and influencer media.

Caba will impart technical knowledge up-to a maximum of 3 staff members at instructor and counselor level and 1 senior member at management level at our premises. We will educate your staff with all our years of experience. Surely, no monetary price can be assigned to such training, since it is invaluable.


In addition to above, we will advise you in Administration and marketing techniques, which will prepare you for the new enhanced role, you are about to take on. Our advice to you on hardware/software/space utilisation/marketing will yield you maximum returns not in some indefinite future, but rather in the immediate course of time.


Multimedia Institute in Delhi


Please consider the high cost of training professional instructors for your staff: Assuming the minimum in-house training (For just one course for one student) is Rs. 1,17,000/- to be a professional media artist. To train the same person and make him a Professional Instructor would require 10 times the effort and resources. This would mean that to get just one instructor educated professionally, you would have to invest Rs. 12,70,000/- on him/her. Thus to train three such members of your staff we would invest priceless amount of time and resources- plus the management level takes more than just a training to disclose the confidential trade links of the company which is totally priceless.

The head office also gives you support to train your new staff in case your current staff leaves you after sometime due to any reason, so that your show is not affected. Please note CABA considers staff efficiency a primary factor to run such an institute. Please Note: Comparing this amount to the Franchise fees that CABA requires you will see that we have been very reasonable in fixing our price tag. It should be kept in mind that to have come to such a stage, CABA itself had to invest in a sum several times larger than the franchise fee being charged today.

CABA gives you world-class materials (in forms of color computer printouts, Animation files, Presentations, Web Portfolios, Web Apps) whom our students have created inside our premises. Thus your claim to innovate world class material will be fully supported.

Shared Together



Campaign Design

All campaigns are different and so is your location. Each campaign is carefully designed after market analysis and heads off to Advertising agencies for final design and production. 


Digital Media

Location based advertising is as important as city or national. Each digital campaign is measured with results based on each location. We believe ROI is important, even if its a shared budget. 



From City to National Publicity and from Advertisements to Writeup. Each talk convincingly of the brand but purely focused on areas near around. If brand means everything to us, so should it be to you.   

How we measure it


The success of any franchise depends on how prominently the franchiser’s name is projected. As pioneers in the field CABA have built-up goodwill and reputation over the years. It is therefore in the interest of the franchisee to always display CABA’s name prominently so that they can derive benefit from it.

CABA provides you, better know-how in various forms of technical knowledge as well as ethics of the particular trade to build your and our growth together. So lets join hands together and make a successful and a strong world of true leaders. Counseling, Administrative, Instructional, Technical, Advertising & Marketing.