12 Months Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Course

DIgital Marketing COURSE

Caba Innovatives is one of India’s first Multimedia Design Institute in Delhi since 1993. Caba Offers focused with in-depth professional training and live projects. 

The course is one of its kind in the entire country. Deep knowledge into digital media is rare to get. Caba Innovatives with expertise into digital marketing for more than 22 years today, introduces one of its kind courses in the market of education. 

Carefully hand picked professionals and leaders from the industry who normally would not share their expertise to let general have now tied up with Caba Innovatives to grow the digital markets in India just like USA.

100% Job Guarantee

Caba Innovatives provides you a written job Guarantee on the 12 Months Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR. 
At Caba, we believe that merely promising job verbally is no longer enough and unfair to students. There has to be a written guarantee between the student and the institute. 

100% Job Guarantee Course

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CABA originally Computer Aided Business Animation, was named upon the logic of doing business with art & enhancing technology. 

Caba Innovatives was established in 1993 at New Delhi. Caba is Regd. under Film n Institute Delhi Govt. to provide training in the field of Multimedia. Caba has been the primary content provider to Govt. Institutions like IGNOU, AT&T, Universities and more. 

Digital Marketing Course Details

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

With the ever growing online media, digital commerce in India now encourages many young and experienced inclined towards this profitable media. 

The best about this type of diploma is the immediate growth into any business. The old trends of waiting for business to happen or customers to fall right into your lap is now over. 

Another best part about this course is that it shall not only teach you about the technology but also on using this technology to do business from any part of the world. Large infrastructures, deep pockets, large teams are NOT-AT-ALL required. This course will as well teach you on how to be a ONE-MAN-ARMY in the digital media business.

The course modules include:

  • Internet Marketing Basics
  • Basics of Search Engines
  • Web Design & Coding
  • Media Elements
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Management Systems 
  • Web Server and Hosting Elements
  • Web Analytics
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliate Marketing

Why Caba ?

Pioneers in Multimedia

Caba Innovatives was the FIRST Multimedia Institute in India in 1993. Caba was also the first Digital Studio Post-Production House in 1993, web designing, 1997 web developing & hosting company in 2001 based in Bengali Market, C.P.

Industrial Training

Caba is the only Institute that provides practical hands on training on professional projects. Software training is only a part of the practical project based training.

One to One Training

Caba's unique teaching pedagogy has been a pioneer in the training industry. Our practical one-to-one training helps our candidates to attain professional caliber.

Course Eligibility

Although anyone can do internet marketing course. But Caba only has intake for those who have willingness to create their careers in the field of digital marketing. Anyone after 12th, Graduation or above with fluency in English.

Career Prospects

Caba Innovatives will offer you 100% Job Guarantee after this course in writing. Career in internet / digital marketing has been sky rocketing since last 18 years & will continue to do so.


Caba has been commended several times since 1997 by well known names in the industry like DD National, Zee Careers, PTV, Danik Bhaskar, Times Group, FICCI, ONGC

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Course Contents

Semester 1: Basics of Internet Marketing
In this course, students are introduced to the basic and core concepts, theories, and principles of internet marketing. Topics covered include strategy, fundamentals, target markets, identifying demographics, and understanding industry standard campaigns and best practices.

Also theories on how search engines work, crawl speed, crawl rate, schema reads etc.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Comprehension, Analytical Skills, Writing
Semester 2: Basics of Web Design & Development
Internet marketing course in Delhi at Caba Innovatives is geared towards students who are interested in developing skills in understanding and working with HTML, CSS, and other web programming languages through a variety of web and media tools.

Students will also receive a working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and understand how to create and edit web functionality with current web programming languages.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Computer Software Skills, Programming, Internet Language, Web Development & Web Design
Semester 3: Web Media
This course teaches students how to produce various forms of web media through industry standard tools and best practice techniques and methods. Students will learn to demonstrate a working knowledge of basic Adobe Photoshop image editing and web media producing skills as well as video editing and production skills using Adobe Premiere.

This professional diploma will prepare students for a role in Graphic and Media Design.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Image Editing, Video Editing, Graphic Designing
Semester 4: Search Engine Optimization
This course provides a thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques of Search Engine Optimisation.

This course covers all areas of Search Engine Optimisation including technical SEO, on page and off page SEO, as well as writing optimised content for the web. Students will develop a proper understanding of how search engines index, rank, and produce search results and the factors on a website that influence those items.

The factors that will be emphasised are mainly cross engine marketing, Webmaster Tools, Google Trends, Google Algorithms, Search Management Techniques.

A brief on Black Hat Technology and Tools

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Critical Thinking, Search Functionality, Digital Networking, SEO
Semester 5: Content Management System
The CMS course explains the variety of tools available to a web developer and designers in today’s online landscape.

Understanding the importance and role of Content Management Systems from a web site architecture, web programming, and digital perspective will be an integral focus. CMS’s covered with hands on experience are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento along with basic plugins.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Content Management, Digital Management Skills, Dynamic Evolution
Semester 6: Web Server Management
This course is designed to enhance the student’s understanding of web server architecture by covering key components in internet marketing such as understanding web servers, data security, anti-spamming, ip resolution, organising web data, structuring domain and IP and understanding the uses and functions of everyday server technologies.

This online marketing course will touch on the relationships between types of server and server-based technologies.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Data Analysis, Server Management, Server Security
Semester 7: Web Analytics
This course provides a student with the foundational skills and knowledge required to properly gather, interpret, and organise data for the purpose of making focused and targeted decisions.

Analysing campaigns, website performance, conversion strategies, and search engine optimisation effectiveness will be key areas of emphasis.

This course will also introduce students to industry standard tools used to analyse all areas of a website.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Internet Skills, Analytical Skills, Comprehension, Reverse Engineering
Semester 8: Search Engine Marketing
This Search Engine Marketing Course will provide students with the foundation, concepts, techniques, and best practices in Pay per Click marketing across a variety of networks and channels.

An emphasis will be placed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing Pay per Click marketing with other channels such as YouTube and Facebook being included. Keyword optimisation, keyword research, landing page optimisation, and conversion testing will all be prominent topics in this online marketing course.

Students will become Google Adwords Certified at the end of the course completion.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Writing, Comprehension, Analytics, Web Grammar, Digital Media Technology
Semester 9: Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing course teaches students how to develop social media marketing strategies and campaigns that can be used to build customer engagement, brand awareness, and conversion results.

Popular social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube will be examined thoroughly. The relationships between social media tools, their user experience, value proposition, and analytics will be key components of this online marketing course.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Social Media Skills, Analytical Skills, Social Networking, Social Engagement, Reputation Management, Brand Building
Semester 10: Lead Generation
In marketing, lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be generated for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.

The methods for generating leads typically fall under the umbrella of advertising, but may also include non-paid sources such as organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers. Businesses strive to generate ‘quality’ leads. Lead generation is not considered any less than business development for any type of business and is the most important of all processes.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Lead Generation, Market Evaluation, Online Business Development and Marketing
Semester 11: Email Marketing
This course outlines the tactics and strategies behind effective email marketing. It focuses on the capture of user email data as well as development of an effective email template understanding the importance of key email marketing metrics and analytics.

In this internet marketing course, students will also understand opt in standards as well as internet spam rules and regulations.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Communications, Analytical Skills, Internet Skills, Data Management, Brand Building, Loyalty Management Relationships
Semester 12: Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more internet marketers for each visitor/lead/customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.

This market serves purpose to all those ho wish to play big without investments, as freelancers or simple term given today “MAKE MONEY FROM HOME”

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Business Development, Online Marketer, Digital Freelance, Corporate Communications
Digital Marketing Projects
This course is a hands-on test of a number of concepts presented throughout the previous courses and focuses on implementing and administering digital marketing works via an assigned project. Teamwork skills will be enhanced through group project completion, giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real business environment.

A major component of this project will involve the development, management and marketing of a real-world campaign, where Caba Innovatives will allocate live projects & budgets to teams to promote and build complete business promotion campaigns with Actual Budgets.

Skills and Benefits Acquired– Teamwork, Budgeting, Problem Solving

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What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is marketing of products or services online. This may not be limited to social media engagements, emailers, search engines but can also be publicised via any digital media platforms. The marketing may not only include publicising about products or services but can be used as a very powerful tool in reputation management as well. 

Today content marketing plays a vital role in the influencer markets, convincing customers / readers for online or offline of their choices in their daily life. 

What is the duration of digital marketing course?

Digital Marketing can be summed up into 2 aspects, basics and advanced. The basics cover mostly theory about marketing and very little practice into each phase of the online marketing. 

Where as detailed course involved from understanding and creating web pages / websites to in-depth analysis of each element playing a vital role in the outcome of your success or failure.

What also matters is either in basics we may be dependant on designers, coders, hosting companies, proxy companies and have very little control on the outcome or understand the complete process for excellent job / business opportunities.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

Well here is a good question about jobs. If you Ask yourself – “What business will hire me as an employee and what is it worth to them?”

Well, the answer is simple, any business that needs advertising (weather business to customer or business to business), end users/customers, branding or e-commerce, will hire you on the spot after doing this course. 

Now, can you imagine a single business/company that does not today need any advertising or branding? If not, then every company needs you and believe us other type of media are now way more expensive than digital media. After all, what better media than WWW Marketing that gives you immediate results compared to any other media that makes you wait for days for a customer to call or visit.


Is this course also good for business or Just Jobs?

With the ever growing online media, digital commerce in India now encourages many young and experienced inclined towards this profitable media. 

The best about this type of diploma is the immediate growth into any business. The old trends of waiting for business to happen or customers to fall right into your lap is now over. 

Another best part about this course is that it shall not only teach you about the technology but also on using this technology to do business from any part of the world. Large infrastructures, deep pockets, large teams are NOT-AT-ALL required. 

This course will as well teach you on how to be a ONE-MAN-ARMY in the digital media business.

Who will Hire Me in This Industry?

Almost ever business today/ There is no business online or offline who does not need business or business leads. 

To name a few for distinction are; Advertising Agencies, Web Development & Marketing Companies, News Agencies, Social Network Agencies, News Papers, Magazines, Shopping Portals, News Portals & more. 

What are the Salaries in After This Course?

Usually we would say it depends on the choice of the course you make. 3 Months or fully dedicated 12 months professional course. 

With our past experience in the industry and after all these certifications in PHP, HTML5, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Graphics, Web Design – We would say much above average. If you don’t believe us, we are willing to give you in writing with sealed agreement – JOB or MONEY BACK.