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Web Development Course

Caba Innovatives is one of India’s first Multimedia Design Institute in Delhi since 1993. Caba Offers web development course focused with in-depth professional training and live projects. 

Caba offers 100% Job Guaranteed Professional Diploma in Web Development Course. The Web Development Course is one of the top most in-demand courses with a duration of 8 months.

The course is designed to prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialisation of server side scripting language, dynamic coding, stylising websites, database management, local and remote servers, CMS, e-commerce.

100% Job Guarantee


Caba Innovatives provides you a written job Guarantee on Graphic Design Course in Delhi NCR. 
At Caba, we believe that merely promising job verbally is no longer enough and unfair to students. There has to be a written guarantee between the student and the institute.

100% Job Guarantee Course

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CABA originally Computer Aided Business Animation, was named upon the logic of doing business with art & enhancing technology. 

Caba Innovatives was established in 1993 at New Delhi. Caba is Regd. under Film n Institute Delhi Govt. to provide training in the field of Multimedia. Caba has been the primary content provider to Govt. Institutions like IGNOU, AT&T, Universities and more. 

Web Development Course Details


Professional Diploma Web Development

Professional Diploma in Web Development Course is highly focused on in-depth professional training.

Caba’s comprehensive web development course is designed not only to help you grasp the concepts behind web technology but also build live applications using web programming.

Programs that create them have become industry standards for communication with both the freshers and the experienced web designers.

Learn detailed coding in the most demanding language of PHP. Training at Caba focuses on realistic web design projects and compatibility on responsive web designs. 

The course modules include:

  • Responsive coding
  • Stylising
  • Responsive designs
  • Scripting & functions
  • Stand-alone Web Applications
  • UI Functionality
  • Server side scripting
  • Database creating and management
  • Content Management System
  • E-commerce development

Why Caba ?

Pioneers in Multimedia

Caba Innovatives was the FIRST Multimedia Institute in India in 1993. Caba was also the first Digital Studio Post-Production House in 1993, web designing, 1997 web developing & hosting company in 2001 based in Bengali Market, C.P.

Industrial Training

Caba is the only Institute that provides practical hands on training on professional projects. Software training is only a part of the practical project based training.

One to One Training

Caba's unique teaching pedagogy has been a pioneer in the training industry. Our practical one-to-one training helps our candidates to attain professional caliber.

Course Eligibility

Although anyone can do web development course. But Caba only has intake for those who have willingness to create their careers in this field. Anyone after 12th, Graduation or above

Career Prospects

Caba Innovatives will offer you 100% Job Guarantee after this course in writing. Career in web development has been sky rocketing since last 18 years & will continue to do so.


Caba has been commended several times since 1997 by well known names in the industry like DD National, Zee Careers, PTV, Danik Bhaskar, Times Group, FICCI, ONGC

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Course Contents


Semester 1: Basics of Responsive Web Design
Our introductory course in computers and multimedia is designed to provide you with an detailed know how on responsive web designs.

The semester covers converting static non-responsive web designs to responsive designs. Creating friendly user interface. Styling websites via coding. Understanding client side needs and incorporating modification and scripts.

The Semester covers the following tools;

CSS3 (Advanced)
Semester 2: Configuring Servers & Database
The semester includes understanding linux web servers. Installation and management of local / web servers. Understanding databases and server side scripting.

The semester includes following modules;

Understanding apache technology
Installing Apache Web Servers
Understating databases types & functionality
Installing and connecting MySQL Database
Semester 3: Server Side Scripting and Connectivity
This semester covers topics on PHP, a popular general-purpose scripting language that is well suited to web development functions

Understanding technology and creating web applications is the sole purpose of this semester. The topics covered in this semester are; PHP and Basics
Installation and Configurations
Creating Dynamic Applications
Database Connectivity
Optimisation Applications
Database Optimisation
Semester 4: Content Management Systems
This semester covers from basics to advanced level of understanding Content Management Systems. From creating a fresh content management system to understanding the famous open source CMS. The module covers the following;

Basics of Content Management System
Understanding Database
Connectivity and Role
Creating a Fresh CMS
Understanding Open Source CMS
Creating and Optimising using Open Source
Semester 5: E-Commerce
This semsester covers understanding the basics to advanced level of internet commerce, applications used, security and CMS systems from Open Source to Premium. The modules covered are;

Basics of E-comm
E-comm Processes
Types of E-comm
Platforms of E-comm
Payment gateway configuration
Server side and IP security
Website Optimisation and CDN
Semester 6: Project & Portfolio
Students enrolled in professional courses are typically evaluated during job interviews on the basis of their portfolio and project work. With a view to recognising this key element in the pedagogical process, Caba has constituted a fully functional internship program in which students receive direct industry exposure by working as an intern.

We help you organise both your online and offline live projects into an impressive portfolio that is also web accessible. The end-semester project is your platform to showcase and even show off all the cutting-edge training you have received from Caba in a controlled and instructor-led environment.

Through live projects and assignments, you will also learn how to create:

Responsive Web Design
Responsive CMS
E-commerce Website
Wordpress Website
Joomla Website
Live News & Events Portal

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What is web Development?

Web Development is a part of web site creation process. Web development involves coding and scripting of websites . Web developers create a better user experience in terms of usability, design, database response and automated response systems for web applications. 

If designs play vital role in look and feel of websites, web developers make sure the designs respond to dynamism and are gadget friendly.   Developers create backend systems of websites and web applications to respond accordingly to each quiry.

Is Web Development hard?

Though designing with codes is not easy at the first go. But when you understand logic, designing codes become easier. At first instance you might have to learn a lot of codes. Understanding each script and its function in the application makes it easier to remember each function. 

More than scripts and codes what makes this course easier is using logic. Logical expressions prompts results. Correct results makes you confidant of the scripts and codes. Moreover it is not necessary to remember or write each code. Most of the scripts and codes are avaialbe online. But until you make them at first it might not be easy to use or modify them later. 


Which course is best for web Development?

Web development has many aspects of scripting and coding. If you have creative bent towards logic and responses you should do this course. If you have interest in creating web applications and e-commerce websites, then this course is best for you. 

If you are a beginner in coding this course is perfect to begin with. If you are a website designer looking to enhance your skills in development then this is the most suited to course for you.

What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

On a simple note we can define web development of making web designs work with storing information, creating results  defined on parameters, creating and storing database for automated responses on queries generated by human or machines on internet.

Web Development also refers to converting your responses to represent in a graphical presentation using web designs. 

Fine examples are Dynamic websites (WordPress, Joomla, Magento) e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipcart, Myntra.

Which course is best web designing or Development or Both?

Any course that starts with the basics of design is good for you. You have to understand that everything you see on the internet, it is presented to you in a good or graphical design for ease of readability.

Graphics play the most vital role in any design based industry. Everything you see on the internet is comprised of Video’s as well. Then comes basic coding. What comes next is basic coding that is required to convert your designs for the WWW. 

If you are a Web Designer, you must also do web development to gain that extra edge in the industry. A all-rounder candidate is always the FIRST choice to any company compared to just web designers. The salary packages are sky rocketing as well. If you do design and development (combo), you are way ahead in the game of web designers.

The combo course is highly recommended by Caba Innovatives and is backed by our Money Back Guarantee with higher salaries. 

Does Web Design & Development Have a Future?

Web Designing along-with development has the brightest future.  The combo candidates are offered a much HIGHER SALARY compared to just web designers.

Not only online but offline businesses need online promotions to gain business. Every company, service, product is all now based out of WWW. 

Lets assume 10 years from now, do you think you will increase your shopping online, looking for information, learning skills, services, products, companies or will you decrease it ?

There, you have your answer. Now, the future will be great, we know. What about today? Well, we would only like to say, why don’t you look into Job sites like naukri.com, monsterjobs.com, indeed.com etc and search for web designers as job title. We are sure you will find what you are looking for before starting this course.