100% Job Guarantee from Caba

Although it is unusual for an educational institute to provide any type of job guarantee, Caba is different.

At Caba, we believe that merely promising “job assistance” or “placement assistance” is no longer enough and unfair to students. As they say, the proof is always in the pudding and we are confident that once you complete our 18-month Diploma Course in Multimedia Animation and Web Design, or our 6 Months Web Design and Hosting we will find you a well paying job in the industry.

The moment you step into Caba to seek admission or to explore possibilities, expect a warm welcome. We will:

  • Counsel you about our diploma courses, its various modules and your job prospects in our industry
  • Introduce you to multimedia even if you know little or nothing about multimedia, graphics, animation, special effects, video editing  and web designing
  • Show you how you can even qualify for overseas immigration once you complete your diploma course at Caba
  • Tell you about the hundreds of government jobs available in multimedia, graphics, web design and print design
  • Provide you with an industry overview and the thousands of jobs for which you will become eligible immediately

Why are we so confident that we can find a suitable career opportunity for you? Because we have been teaching multimedia and providing a job guarantee since 1993. We were the first institute in the Delhi NCR to teach multimedia animation which is why we are considered industry leaders. Visit our office to view our path breaking media history. And there is more:

  1. Our highly specialized syllabus trains you in graphics, video editing, animation, web designing and print designing only to name a few.
  2. We transform you into an expert with many skills.
  3. When employers review your resume, they realize that they don’t have to hire several people to do different things since you know them all.
  4. You become a highly attractive proposition because you have mastered many different skills while pursuing the diploma course at Caba.
  5. You will receive a higher pay package than those candidates who know only graphics or only special effects or video editing.
  6. After all, you are now an all-rounder because of your multidisciplinary expertise!
  7. Few years down the road, your chances of gaining higher salary and higher position in the company become much brighter because you have not only mastered multiple technologies but now have a few years of experience under your belt.
  8. The possibility of your being promoted to the rank of a project manager or team leader are much better than other candidates because you are an expert in many different and yet closely related fields.

Caba and your Career

  • Start attending job interviews beginning from the 4th month of your 18-month diploma course or 6 Months Web Design and Hosting course.
  • Clear your technical round at the interviews with flying colors.
  • Pay your Caba tuition fee from your own salary as an intern.
  • Transfer to the early morning or early evening batch so that your Caba education is not interrupted in any way.
  • Gain at least one year of solid industry work experience even before you complete your diploma course at Caba.
  • Attend a few interviews even if you have other plans at least for the industry experience you will gain.

Earn while you Learn

At Caba, students, faculty and mentors all work very hard to help you gain a competitive advantage. We work with you hands on to help you achieve new career milestones starting from the fourth month and build your portfolio. Your portfolio will play a critical role in getting you a job. we will help you build a portfolio from day one! We provide:

  • One-to-one practical training
  • Project based training
  • Hands on experience
  • Interview preparation and mock rounds right on our premises

Our diploma course is updated regularly because of the many industry projects we pursue on a regular basis for companies both in India and in the USA, UK, Australia and other countries.

Who should take the Caba Diploma Course

You should take the course if you  are:

  • Interested in multimedia animation and plan to make your mark in this industry
  • A commerce graduate because the course provides a career oriented channel to your creativity and analytical skills
  • An architect because multimedia & 3d Animation has a significant role to play in architecture
  • A humanities and language arts student because you can pursue lucrative careers in the advertising, media and communication fields
  • An engineer because engineers have to do a huge amount of designing to stay competitive

Our Fee is an Investment in your Career

Caba’s tuition fee for the 18-month Diploma Course in Multimedia, Animation and Web Design is not more than what you will recover in 18 months  of your job. We train you on the latest Apple Mac workstations as well as on Windows PC workstations and use only licensed software.

  • Highly competitive fee structure
  • Compare our fee structure with other institutes
  • 20 year track record
  • Hands on experience, practical training, and most importantly project based training which translates into a portfolio for your job interviews

So why not give us a call or set up an appointment to visit Caba Institute in South Extension, New Delhi? Would you like us to contact you? Simply complete our handy inquiry form on the right side and provide us with your phone number and email address. We will get in touch with you the same day and show you how we can create new opportunities for you.

So why wait, Join today and get employed tomorrow…..