5 Months Diploma in Interior Designing Course


Successful completion of class 10th secondary school from a recognized board.
One must know the basic grammar even if you are not fluent in English, any job after the course does not need fluency in any language.

Training Facility

Classes are held at Caba’s state-of-the-art classroom and production training facilities.
Classroom instruction is delivered by experienced faculty with many years of industry experience.

Employment Industry

Verticals Architects & Architectural Firms, Builders, Hospitals & Other Medial Facilities, Town & City Planning Bureaus, Hotels & Health Resorts, Design Studios & Exhibition Organisers, Event Management Companies

Course Outcomes

Caba Innovatives Multimedia Institute is one of India’s first multimedia training and certification institutes. It has been serving the industry since 1993. Our 5 months Diploma in Interior Designing Course is an industry-recognised qualification and our most popular course with hundreds of graduates serving all industry segments and verticals architects and architectural firms, builders, Hospitals and other medial facilities, Town and city planning bureaus, Hotels and health resorts, Design studios and exhibition organisers, Event management companies and Innumerable public and private sector establishments.

When you graduate from one of our diploma programs, chances are high that there is a Caba graduate and alumni waiting to conduct a job interview with you on behalf of the employer. The course content which we have expertly researched and included in our curriculum is not only specific and relevant but also responsive to industry needs.

As the job market continues to become more demanding and competitive, It has become necessary to acquire advanced-level working knowledge of all the various aspects and focus areas within interior designing so that you can qualify for jobs that require you to multitask and perform different functions within interiors. Please call us or use our handy contact form to get in touch with us for more information. Enrolment is currently open for the 2014-15 academic year so please get in touch with Caba at your earliest convenience for exciting careers in interiors.

  • Course code


  • Duration

    5 months

  • Number of Semesters

    3 Semesters

  • Minimum Eligibility

    Successful completion of class X secondary school from a recognized board

  • Class timings

    One and half hours a day six days a week, several batches a day available between timings 8 Am to 8 PM

  • Fast track option

    Available, three hours a day

100% Job or Money Back on This Course

graphic design courses

Semester 1: Graphic Designing & Imaging

The course offers comprehensive training in tool technologies that are critical to a successful career in interior. Knowledge of graphics and graphics tools will provide you with a plethora of creative possibilities to showcase your abilities and potential as a graphic artist.

Visual elements such as line art, photographs, drawings, graphs used in spreadsheets and images used in CD-ROMs/usb’s help students in visualizing and conceptualizing illustrated image projections on digital formats. The software packages you will learn during this semester will help you to develop a clear understanding of design concepts and application, texture, design and image editing.

  • Line Art Illustrations
  • Photo Paint Editing and Imaging
  • Graphic Composition and Cell Animation
  • Digital Photo-editing and scanning

Semester 2: Autocad

AutoCAD Architecture (abbreviated as ACA) is a version of Autodesk’s flagship product, AutoCAD, with tools and functions specially suited to architectural work.

Architectural objects have a relationship to one another and interact with each other intelligently. For example, a window has a relationship to the wall that contains it. If you move or delete the wall, the window reacts accordingly. Objects can be represented in both 2D and 3D.

In addition, intelligent architectural objects maintain dynamic links with construction documents and specifications, resulting in more accurate project deliverables. When someone deletes or modifies a door, for example, the door schedule can be automatically updated. Spaces and areas update automatically when certain elements are changed, calculations such as square footage are always up to date.

AutoCAD Architecture uses the DWG file format but an object enabler is needed to access, display, and manipulate object data in applications different from AutoCAD Architecture.

autocad course in delhi

AutoCAD Architecture was formerly known as AutoCAD Architectural Desktop (often abbreviated ADT) but Autodesk changed its name for the 2008 edition. The change was made to better match the names of Autodesk’s other discipline-specific packages, such as AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical.

  • Introduction to tools and interface
  • Modelling using tools and dimensions
google sketup course in delhi

Semester 3: Google Sketchup

Architects use SketchUp to help clients visualize green features such as solar panels, rainwater catchments systems, sustainable landscaping and building material options that will serve to improve the environment footprint of their buildings. SketchUp helps architects explore options early to make conclusion in the design process which will extensively affect the way their building performance.

Google’s intuitive 3D modeling tool accelerates design and architecture tasks, enabling architects to generate outstanding designs in the context of modest budgets.

Architecture also using in SketchUp, consign sustainable design information such as location, building and room type, construction type, and HVAC systems, at varying levels to produce basic or complex analyses on multiple design iterations.

  • Designing in Sketchup
  • Viewing Models in 3D and Adding details

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Should do this course?
A. Anyone with Basic understanding of designs willing to get into the designing homes, corporates, commercials.  Professionals with architecture background must evolve from hand drawings to digital designs due to rising demands and strong, stable markets

Q2. What is the outcome of the course?
A. You will be able to create virtual digital designs for clients who are willing to hire your interior exterior design services before implementing the project physically.  Employment offers from architectural firms,  interior design companies, event management companies, advertising companies is very common in this field.

Q3. What is the future scope of Interior Designing?
A. With rising of demand of users in millions by the day, your customers/clients are more inclined to pre-design conceptualization in interior or exterior designs of homes, industries, events, commercial places etc. Popular than any other source of design the digital virtual designs gives your customers/clients to have a better understanding of your creative inputs before implementing the project. This also gives you a edge over other designers in terms of technical and conceptual understanding.

Q4. Is this course enough to settle a good career?
A. Yes, this is the most rewarding career today compared to working on paper designs. For future enhancements it is strongly recommended that graphics, autocad, 3D animation with vitality must be learn’t. More and more users involved architectural designs need virtual digital designs and animation to understand or visualize before signing contracts or hiring design professionals in the field.

100% Job or Money Back on This Course

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