8 Months Diploma in Advanced Web Designing Course in Delhi

Web Designing Eligibility

Web Designing Course is a perfect course after 12th. Best for students looking for a 100% Job oriented course after graduation. You can start your first job in 6 Months in the field. Working professionals can upgrade their skills for better job opportunities.

Why Caba Innovtives

Caba Innovatives provides best web designing course in Delhi since 1993. Caba has been a leader among other web designing institutes in Delhi. Caba is the only institute that offers 100% Job Course or Money Back in writing.

Career in Web Designing

Advertising agencies, web development companies, internet marketing companies, news agencies, social network agencies, training institutes, online magazines, shopping portals, online gaming companies, mobile application companies.

Web Designing Institute in Delhi

Caba Innovatives is one of the best web designing institutes in Delhi that offers 100% Job or Money Back Course. Caba Innovatives has 26 years of expertise in multimedia training. Caba has always focused on industry based training formats rather than just command line /software training.

Our 8 Months Diploma Course is an industry recognised qualification and our most popular course. Thousands of our graduates are serving all industry segments and verticals including print, broadcast and digital media, software and production houses and mainly online development and marketing agencies.

When you graduate from one of our diploma programs, chances are high that there is a Caba graduate and alumni waiting to conduct a job interview on behalf of the employer.

The course contents which we have expertly researched and included in our curriculum are not only specific and relevant but also responsive to industry needs.

This Diploma provides different career tracks:

  • Graphic designing course for a complete range of industry segments
  • Web designing course including social media designing and mobile UI designs

As the job market continues to become more demanding and competitive, it has become necessary to acquire advanced-level working knowledge. Various aspects and focus areas are applied within multimedia so that you can qualify for jobs that require you to multi-task.

For in-depth training you can also look into our more advanced 18 Months Master Diploma in Web Design and Web Development Course to gain better and more job opportunities in the field.

  • Course code


  • Duration of the course

    6 months

  • Number of Semesters

    3 Semesters

  • Minimum Eligibility

    Successful completion of Class X Secondary school from a recognized board

  • Class timings

    One and half hours a day six days a week, several batches a day available between timings 8 Am to 8 PM

  • Fast track option

    Available, three hours a day for six months

100% Job or Money Back on This Course

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graphic design courses

In addition to tools training, this diploma provides a holistic introduction to graphics theory and applications to boost your independent creativity. You also learn how to use line art and effects when crafting digital art.

Graphics is the backbone to animation, web and video in addition to all multimedia disciplines. The course provides a blended approach to both theory and practice to prepare you for exciting careers in digital multimedia designing.

Semester 1: Graphic Designing Course

Graphic Designing Course offers comprehensive training in tool technologies that are critical to a successful career in multimedia. Knowledge of graphics and graphic tools will provide you with a plethora of creative possibilities to showcase your abilities and potential as a graphic artist.

Visual elements such as line art, photographs, drawings, graphs used in spreadsheets and images used online help students in visualising and conceptualising.

The software packages you will learn during this semester will help you to develop a clear understanding of design concepts and application, texture, design and image editing.

Software packages you will learn include:

Semester 2: Web Site Designing & Web Hosting

If you are planning to launch your career exclusively in the online space where the internet is your digital backdrop, this course is for you.

The various courses at Caba in graphic design, desktop publishing, animation and web development all prepare you directly for a career as a web designer.

We start from the basics to tell you all about the world wide web and its various constituents. You will also learn about the different types of website hosting, FTP protocols, domain and IP management and website usability.

The tool technologies you will master during this semester in order to build both static and dynamic websites include:

For better and more job opportunities in the field, you can also look into our 18 Months Master Diploma in Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Development Course


Instruction delivery is also provided in key areas such as interactive and Web 2.0 designing, interactive web animation, dynamic banner designing and web enabled special effects. The course also provides an overview of web photography, audio and video server streaming technologies. The industry-focused emphasis of the course prepares you for highly sought after careers as a web designer and web specialist in diverse industry verticals such as web technology companies, software solutions providers, e-commerce portals, online shopping and e-tailing companies and practically any industry segment in which the Internet has a role to play.

web designing course projects

Semester 3: Projects and Portfolio

Students enrolled in this course are typically evaluated during job interviews on the basis of their portfolio and project works.

With a view to recognising this key element in the pedagogical process, Caba has constituted a fully functional internship program in which students receive direct industry exposure by working as an interns.

We help you organise both your online and offline live projects into an impressive portfolio that is also web accessible. The end-semester project is your platform to showcase and even show off all the cutting-edge training you have received from Caba in a controlled and instructor-led environment.

No wonder Caba Innovatives stands to be the best institute in with professional experience and caliber to groom the upcoming leaders of the industry.

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Q1. Who Should do this web designing course?
A. Anyone with Basic understanding of computers willing to get into the web designing, web hosting field along with graphic designing.  Professionals with Graphic background must evolve from print to web designing due to rising demands and strong, stable markets

Q2. What is the outcome of the web designing course?
A. You will be employed with web designing, web hosting, web media companies and more importantly with many MNC’s due to the rising web portfolio, product know-how in higher demand on web rather than any other media.

Q3. What is the future scope of Web Designing?
A. With rising of internet users in millions by the day, web is more popular than any other media. From Computers to tabs to mobile phones, everyone can be seen using web on daily basis not only for social but as well for business enhancements. The industry growth is very strong and is to remain for much more years as the spread of internet now may not stop.

Q4. Is this course enough to settle a good career?
A. Yes, this is the most rewarding career today compared to any other technical field. For future enhancements it is strongly recommended that video and animation must be learned as well. More and more users of web need animation and videos to understand or buy products online with virtual enhancements.

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